Gifts With Your Face On It

A selection of personalized bedding and blankets for your home or to make great gifts with your face on it. Join in the trends and put your pet's face, your face, or even the faces of your friends and family, professionally printed on soft furnishings.

Gifts With Face On It

One of the biggest trends at the moment is to create gifts with your face on it. Have you ever asked yourself "Where can I get gifts with my  face on it?" From blankets to bedding we have a wide selection of luxurious soft furnishings that you can cover with face print and join the craze with.  You may even fancy creating a full bed set with the face of your idol, or a pattern of faces from your favorite band. 

Whether it's your dogs face on a soft blanket to line your perfect pooches bed with, or a pillowcase with your face printed on it as a gift for your best friend, or better half, there is bound to be something in our selection for you to design gifts with your face on it! Whatever you choose, we aren't here to judge you, just to print it for you!